Thumbnail of CoverClipping from the August 2005 Issue of Zoo

From All Over the Place | German designer Claudia Hill started off as a dancer, and while studying in New York she took up fashion. Now it's her mainstay. Hill has created costumes for Broadway productions like Rent and for choreographer William Forsythe and the Frankfurt Ballet. Last summer, she opened her first store in her hometown Berlin. Located on a street filled with art galleries, Hill launched the store with an installation of her clothes in a frozen state that thawed over the course of the evening. Her current obsession is experimenting with different kinds of materials in a soulful search for “new surfaces.” Think water soluble, juxtaposed gauze and yarn, or even jersey and yarn. The clothes have a captivating clarity that illustrates her reaction against the short term, the common and the mass market. “Luxury is true exclusiveness, paired with sustainability and stability of value, ” says Hill, who invited some of her collaborators such as Forsythe, photographer Ariko Inaoka and musician Skuli Sverrisson to contribute personal dedications to the store. Hill plans to sell her collection to other stores. She is also staging exhibitions, right now working in a long-distance collaboration with Nelly Agassi, a young artist from Israel who uses the body as her working material, combining performance with textiles, choreography, installation and video. Jay Wesley. | Claudia Hill | Auguststrasse 26a | 10117 Berlin | | Also available at Pov Beams and Desperado (Tokyo). |