Thumbnail of CoverClipping from the Fall 2000 Issue of *Surface

Collector Items | Two women who collect things. Sounds like the basis for a Jim Jarmusch film. It’s actually the idea behind Claudia Hill’s fall collection. “The concept comes from the word ‘collection’,” says the German-born designer, who came to New York in ‘93 to study dance, but switched to fashion at FIT and Parsons. Matching the idea with inspiration from a recent trip to Iceland, Hill uses torn and frayed cotton and wool in muted country colors—pear green, tomato red, dry-dirt grey.  “I didn’t want them to look like designer pieces, but pieces that someone was either given or found. ” Instead of doing runway, Hill made a film with photographer Ariko Inaoka and multimedia artist Daisuke Nakayama, which follows the girls’ rummaging. The encore? Maybe something more epic. Hill is slated next to collaborate with Icelandic musician Skulli Sverisson and visionary architecture team Asymptote. * Kevin Giordano |