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is without makeup, in a brown vintage pullover, her bleached blonde hair tousled. The last two years have been restless | but highly productive, with shows as different as the excessive VIOLET (premiered at PACT Zollverein, Essen in 2011), the eternal lottery of Built to Last (premiered at the Kammerspiele in Munich in 2012) and now the choreographic journal, Sketches/Notebook (premiered at Berlin's Hebbel-am-Ufer in 2013). Damaged Goods, the company Stuart founded in 1994, is based in Brussels but her apartment is in Berlin. For the past two years, she had a project-based residency at the Kammerspiele in Munich and a fresh alliance is now beginning with Annemie Vanackere, the new manager and artistic director of Berlin's hip Hebbel am Ufer (HAU). After her partnerships with Zurich's Schauspielhaus and Berlin's Volksbuhne, this is a further, albeit loose association with a specific theatre. Few of her European colleagues | can match this record . Apart from Stuart, it is rare for contemporary choreographers to be offered residences | at theatres where dance is not part of the usual programme. One highprofile exception was the experiment by Thomas Ostermeier and Sasha Waltz at Berlin 's Schaubuhne, from 1999-2004, which came to an end for financial reasons. To hear Stuart tell the story, it sounds like her own career came about more by chance than design. Maybe that is part of her secret. Sketches is now being staged as a striking start to her time at HAU. As so often in Stuart's works, the | light in the space seems to be filtered through celluloid. The quilted lady mentioned before also made an previous | appearance, featuring under the working t itle Blanket Lady in the performance Moments (2012) at ZKM