Thumbnail of CoverClipping from the Summer 2001 Issue of Black Book

FASHION | Claudia Hill | “Clothes are three-dimensional, so I like to show them in 3-D,” says designer Claudia Hill about her fashion shows in which choreographed models mime to ambient music in front of projected video sequences. Accordingly, she emphasizes form with a talent for construction. Three years ago, she caught the eye of Miguel Adrover, who snatched up her designs for his influential but now-defunct shop Horn. She also designs a line called The Number After 10 with photographer Akiro. Hill saps all color from her clothes, leaving only inventive details to straddle the line between fashion and industrial design. Her fall collection is all gathered seams and angled silhouettes. One piece resembles a blazer in front but becomes a tailcoat from the side and the rear, with a bustled back that tapers down like a leaf. After all, she says, “clothing is a point of view.” -Aric Chen |