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1-2: To Claudia Hill, a garment's surface is a metaphor for feelings, thoughts and sentiments. She structures and sculpts her fabrics to make each garment a unique piece. Soft folds can create corsage-like detailing (1), while a collar (2) gives a garment a strong silhouette. | 3-6: Hill used to be a professional dancer and now uses clothing to explore the frontier between fashion and art, to explore the process of producing the garment more than the finished object. Here, a blouse is scrunched and hand-processed to give the fabric a wrinkled texture. | a woman,” she says. “The dress is a single piece, but it was actually created in several different strata that related to the suit. For example, the trousers became the bottom tier of the dress, and the jacket became the dress’s torso. To me, this was a dress that enabled a woman to feel a connection to men's tailoring when she wore it. The process of unraveling the layers of a man’s suit and knitting it into a women’s dress was a metaphor for slow motion development. Only a few pieces can be created over the course of time in their own rhythm, and I allow them to evolve at their own speed.” |