An archaeological excursion into America’s cultural past, The Wooster Group’s highly experimental, multimedia incarnation of Hamlet channels the ghost of Richard Burton’s legendary 1964 Broadway version of the work.

Performed in New York, São Paulo, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Santiago e.a.

Program Notes



Watching performances by the Wooster Group when I first moved to New York left a lasting impression on me. I was glad we connected years later in my typically detour-kind-of way. What I learned from working at the Performing Garage is to let go of preconceived ideas so that something unexpected can be born out of collaboration.


Hamlet Scott Shepherd
Claudius/Marcellus/Ghost/Gravedigger Ari Fliakos
Gertrude/Ophelia Kate Valk
Polonius Greg Mehrten
Horatio/Rosencrantz/Guildenstern/Player Queen Daniel Pettrow
Laertes/Rosencrantz/Guildenstern/Player King Casey Spooner
Nurse Koosil-ja
Bernardo/Voltemand Alessandro Magania
Director Elizabeth LeCompte
Set Ruud van den Akker
Lighting Jennifer Tipton
Sound Matt Schloss
Omar Zubair
Bobby McElver
Video Andrew Schneider
Aron Deyo
Assistant to the Director/Stage Manager Teresa Hartmann
Production Manager Jim Dawson
Technical Director Aron Deyo
Master Electrician Kent Barrett
Costumes Claudia Hill
Fight Coach Felix Ivanov
Additional Music Warren Fischer
Associate Director Kate Valk
Producer Cynthia Hedstrom
General & Company Manager Sandra Garner
Development & Marketing Jamie Poskin
Archivist Clay Hapaz
Video Blog Zbigniew Bzymek