Decreation is an artificial opera about deformation, affection and rage, created by William Forsythe.

Performed in Frankfurt, New York, Paris, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin e.a.

Photos by Dominik Mentzos

Photos by Dieter Schwer


After being exposed to the fashion industry, I was longing to re-unite with the world of performing arts. I met Bill in a transitional phase of my life: first pregnancy, moving continents, without a studio. None of that mattered to him, cause he at the time expressed the wish to go underground. I was inspired by his generosity and seeming chaos the work arises from. De-creation and nothingness became my working concept for this oeuvre. Luckily, the costumes still hold up after all these years of performances.


Stage Design William Forsythe
Lighting Design Jan Walter
William Forsythe
Music David Morrow
Costumes Claudia Hill
Dramaturgy Rebecca Groves
Video Design Philip Bußmann
Sound Design Bernhard Klein
Niels Lanz
Camera Dietrich Krüger