Weaving and Collaging of Textile


This long-term project lasted from June 2012 to January 2015. Positive intentions and recycled textiles of my immediate family members are interwoven to a three dimensional wall carpet sized 150cm x 100cm. I developed this technique during a strenuous period as a ritualistic action to maintain family unity of the four of us. So far it works!


The fabric collage is made from pieces of textiles I found at various markets during my work travels. It is composed of an antique African beaded dance apron, a Chinese apron with silk embroidery approximately 100 years old, a Belgian silk scarf, a sequined fabric and ribbons found in Tel Aviv. The dimensions of the wall hanging are 140cm × 86cm.


The 120cm × 60cm-sized wall hanging is one of the daily objects I created at a residency at PAF, France. I used found feathers, mainly from the resident peacock, to mend holes in an antique silk curtain, along with some fragments of a beaded piece of fine tissue, I got at a Parisian flea market.